On your path, you will make many choices to get to your next level.

Some of them will feel like moving backwards (side note: you never actually are!) and others will be catalysts for large leaps of growth (YAAAASSSS!).

The key: your willingness.

Your willingness to get uncomfortable, face some hard truths, to hang out in your triggers, and stick with the process until you’re out on the other side, is crucial to getting real results in your personal and spiritual development.

You have to be willing to let go of the thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you (which often feel like blankets of safety, even though they’re smothering your potential).

This work is not easy, but it is never as hard as what you’ve been through or staying where you are. Instead of focusing on ONLY thinking positively (which is a dangerous form of spiritual bypassing that can create chaos breaking loose around you), we focus on the ROOT of what you’re experiencing, so that you can create a divinely expressed, fully aligned life through an expanded consciousness for REAL sustainable, positive change.

Anything less would be a disservice to you.

Because the truth is, pretending that negative thoughts or experiences don’t happen is denial and treating them like they’re a cold to get over only gives them more power.

The thoughts, actions, and experiences in your life are things you work through intentionally so that you’re free from them.

Avoidance and denial are a special set of shackles that restrict you from experiencing the magic that YOU and the UNIVERSE has in store for you. They set you up for these patterns to grow into something bigger and scarier, until you’re willing to sit down and work through them.

The TRUTH is, that in order to get to the light, you first go through the darkness.

Not over. Not under. Not around. THROUGH

While positivity and affirmations (and all of the other standard things you’ve been told to do) work to a certain extent, there are few things as effective as radically shifting your energy, belief systems, and consciousness structure so that you can experience your wholeness, wellness, connection, and alignment.

How you choose to fill up your energy matters for how life expresses through you.

As you hold onto stories, grief, anger, guilt, and other emotions that work against you, your energy field becomes full of rotten codes that begin to corrupt your life.

Just like a garbage can needs to be emptied regularly, so does your energetic field.

THAT’S the work we do with you.

We teach you how to empty the garbage that’s creating patterns you want to resolve so you can live from divine alignment and self-expression.

The best part is that you don’t have to know where your problems stem from (or even the fullness of what they are).

The truth is, everyone struggles. We’ve worked with multimillion dollar CEOs, business owners, celebrities, public figures, stay-at-home moms, students, healers, and more, and the one thing EVERYONE has in common…

Everyone needs support to live a life of alignment and purpose.

It’s just too complicated and unnecessarily harder trying to do it alone.

Not only is it really difficult to be objective with yourself (ESPECIALLY when you’re successful or at rock bottom), but your subconscious will stop you from digging beyond a certain point.

With the right support in place, you can literally go to the deepest parts of yourself to unearth the hidden things holding you back.

You’re designed to exist within a tribe and to expand yourself through your interactions with others. It’s time to stop working so hard on your own and finally let people in who can help you along your journey.

When we work with you, it’s almost like we have energetic X-Ray vision.

We can pinpoint and help shift long standing, unconscious root issues that cause numerous seemingly unrelated destructive symptoms and patterns.

But it all starts with a choice and commitment to change your life and run toward alignment.

Because a life of alignment is a rich one.


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