A lot like you, we've been through some things.


From struggling with anger, addiction and loss of identity... To abuse, sexual assault, and seeing a woman set on fire in the street... Our experiences have stretched us so that we could develop a deep sense of empathy and understanding for all of the people we support and hold space for.

We understand what it’s like to be in poverty, wondering where our next meal will come from or how we’re going to get the lights turned back on. And we also know what it’s like to experience grief so deep that it takes you to the floor, wondering how you’ll ever get up again. We’ve even had near death experiences that seemed like the end, only to return with a purpose so strong, it kept the breath in our lungs. Now, our days are spent MUCH differently!

We’ve traveled the world and experienced cultures, religions, and ways of life we couldn’t have imagined otherwise, giving us a deep understanding of what it truly means to be human and consciously create life intentionally. There are so many energies, mysteries, and universal principles (seen and unseen) at work in your life, and we help you understand how these things exist in relation to what you want to create in your life.


Dov is an epic grounding force with deep wisdom that breaks barriers and holds space for triggers to evolve into profound lessons that are the catalyst for rapid personal transformation.

She is the ultimate Spirit-to-logic translator, making any concept, complex pattern, or energetic law simple and understandable, no matter who she’s talking to.


Nicole is a supernova personified, channeling Yeshua and ancient divine language, bringing energy and elevation to every room she enters (which is why she’s such a powerful leader, speaker, and performer).

Her humor, endless love and ability to overcome the obstacles in her life make her the ultimate source of nonjudgmental support.


We create a whole container with complete energetic codes so we can help you activate and explore your highest potential.

Together, we are the living bridge between the lost secrets of the ancients and the untapped, limitless potential of the future, and we are here to help you find your path to your prosperous, bold tomorrow.

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  1. We spontaneously and simultaneously burst into song together during the day.
  2. Children think Nicole is one of them (maybe that has to do with how often she randomly throws herself on the ground/floor)
  3. Dov and Nicole can read soul records to reveal why you are here.
  4. Nicole was a near pro soccer player and the athletic force is still strong with her!
  5. Dov has been creating magic in the kitchen since she was two and a half years old, and she can create a masterpiece with even the most sparse ingredients.
  1. 6. We quote funny movies no one gets during serious situations.
  2. 7. Dov is an artist to the core! Her paintings, sculptures, nail designs, and tattoos are a fraction of the infinite inspiration that pours through her on the daily.
  3. 8. Nicole is a great lyricist and poetry writer and comedian.
  4. 9. Dov was a lawyer and lived in India for 3 years.
  5. 10. Dov and Nicole can channel the energy of your purpose so you can get clarity on your business FAST!


One of the most important things we’ve learned on our journey is that no matter how dark some moments may seem (or even be) in your life, everything can turn around in an instant.

As a matter of fact, they consistently do.

Nothing is constant, and life is always changing, folding, and recreating according to the energy, desire, emotion, and willingness you pour into it.

Every emotion that’s passing through you holds a seed of truth for you to examine so that you can make choices that take you to the next step of your journey.

Never forget that YOU are a magnificent being of the Divine, with powers beyond whatever it is that you’re fighting right now.

Things may be hard or trying, but you can emerge from the fire renewed so that you can create a life beyond what you could imagine before.

Miracles are your birthright because you ARE a miracle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, business owner, celebrity, public figure, stay-at-home mom, student, healer, or any other label you’ve accumulated in your life...

The chance of your existence in the universe is beyond defying the odds. You are here because Spirit, God, the Universe (the Force of Creation that loves you unconditionally), desired YOU to be in existence.

You are a gift to the world, and it’s time for you to understand and feel that in the core of who you are.

You do NOT have to keep living the way you have been.

You do NOT have to keep making the same choices you have in the past.

And you sure as hell do NOT have to suffer to create epic shit in your life.

All you have to do is make the CHOICE, and then follow that choice up with new actions that are aligned with who you REALLY are!

And the best part is, you don’t have to do it alone!

Whether you’re ready for personal attention through paid support or you’re ready to do some DIY homework through our free content, there’s a wealth of tools, resources, and knowledge for you HERE so you can get on your most aligned path.

We love you. We honor you.

And we champion your alignment so that you can live more fully, intentionally, and more often in a state of grace that supersedes the suffering you’ve experienced thus far.

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