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7 Stages of Twin Flame Union

The Twin Flame Connection is a complex and incredible multifaceted dance, and understanding the connection more and more deeply is a vital part to navigating this process.

4 Shadow Stages of Twin Flame Union

These Stages represent the various stages of individual shadow reflected and experienced as we move through the twin flame journey toward self and the divine heart.

Twin Flame LIVE Q & A. 

We are all going through a lot of the same things. Listen to live callers asking questions that are answered by Dov & Nicole. 

Divine Masculine Is Purging

Join in union with the Divine Masculine as together we purge hatred towards the Divine Feminine!

Hatred towards the Divine Feminine is also hatred towards the Great Mother (Mother Earth).

Twin Flame Seperation: The Gift

Twin flame separation is a difficult and painful experience but it can be an amazing growth platform.

How YOU KNOW This is Your Twin Flame: Real Talk

Many have asked us how they can know if this is their twin flame, asked us about many characteristics, ideas etc. We have decided to address this based on our experience in our union and with our clients. We hope that this video will assist you.


Entrepreneurship is a spiritual experience

Tune into this powerful Facebook Live by Dov & Nicole as they explore entrepreneurship as a spiritual experience. 

Why is sabotage the go to?

Have you ever felt that you sabotage your own success? Don't justify your sabotage, clear it out with Dov & Nicole in this live broadcast. 

Abundance Q & A

We often share a lot of the same questions and challenges. Tune into this special Q & A around abundance. 

Being an Entrepreneur is Scary AF!

Join Dov & Nicole as they discuss the top 3 things they have used to keep there business on course and moving forward.




This activation is a powerful tool that can be used daily or as needed to revolutionize your twin-flame journey.

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